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The Great Park    
20 October 2022

"The Great Park paints wide landscapes of longing, with small but forceful words. Romanticism weaves its ways through the lyrics – arms are fled from, losses felt, snows considered, darknesses breathed."

(Diary Of An Unborn Writer) 


Stephen Burch is a songwriter from England currently based in Germany.  He has released over 30 albums on his own DIY label Woodland Recordings and has toured Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark and the UK.

He likes rooms with echo, train journeys, trams and girls on bicycles. Find out more by clicking here.


Please RSVP via SMS/WhatsApp/Telegram or via the Reach Out page to secure your spot.

Date                      20 Oct 2022

Doors Open      19.00

Show starts     19.30

Location             RSVP to find out please

Kontakt               078 604 79 79 

Contribution    min 15CHF

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