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Lunatic - Vernissage - Lea Bissig


"In LUNATIC geht es um den Versuch durch Überlagerungen und zufällig angeordneten, vom Mond abgeleiteten Strukturen eine distante Präsenz des Mondkörpers zu generieren. Das Kernthema ist die persönliche Auseinandersetzung mit dem Mond und seinen Kräften. 


LUNATIC bedeutet Mondsüchtigkeit, respektive die Abhängigkeit vom Mond und bezieht sich auf die turbulente Wahrnehmung eines Mondsüchtigen auf physischer- oder psychischer Ebene. Angelegenheiten des Herzens sind dominant. 


Logik verliert häufig gegen Emotionen im Leben eines Mondsüchtigen. Er ist von Natur aus getrieben und neigt dazu psychische Konflikte zu haben. Mit einem ständigen Bedürfnis, seine Balance zu finden, versuchet er sich manchmal zu analysieren, um sich im Leben frei zu fühlen. Er ist eine Persönlichkeit, die sich aufgrund seiner Gefühle zyklisch entwickelt. 


Mit der Motivation, den Mond bildlich zu sprengen, begann ich mit gelaserten Kartonschablonen Versuchsanordnungen und Experimente mit Schiess- und Feuerwerkspulver zu machen. 


Der elfte Mond dient dem Genuss, es ist ein Tag des Vergnügens und des Komforts und steht für Manifestation, Neuanfang, Wachstum und bedingungslose Liebe."

Lea Bissig


What a great exhibition, hostess and evening; the space was packed with live music, fine nibbles, great art, great company and delicious drinks!  I had a wonderful evening and am delighted Lea chose to host her show at The Phrontistery!  7 of the 10 pieces for sale were sold right away, a few more remain in store.  Please get in touch if you would like more information.


Lea - you inspire me!!!!  Please continue to express yourself creatively!!!   

Workshop - The BODY of Sound with YuJoy


Body Of Sound is a deep yet playful workshop (3hrs) designed to explore the most delicate musical instrument - our natural voice. We will explore the power, expression and potential of our voices. This body of work contains therapeutic, academic and natural practices to tune into our vocal expressions. In the group process we will reconnect to the simple and natural way of expressing our authentic voice beyond judgments, painful beliefs and limiting conditionings.

We will explore different angles of our voice using various tools, while bringing awareness to all that blocks us from letting our voice simply flow. We will discover how singing is not only about ‘singing’ – it is in fact about ‘listening’ and expressing effortlessly all that is inside of us, moment to moment.

The workshop aims to bring us closer to our natural, beautiful, wild and imperfect human expression, to discover transformative and healing powers of our voice, to tap into effortless creativity, playfulness and freedom.

"Body Of Sound is not about making you a better 'singer'. Rather, it is about self exploration and self liberation through
a meeting of your own natural voice."

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PRIVATE EVENT - A 50th Birthday Party


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House Concert - YuJoy


Yujoy is a music project of a Russian born songwriter and composer Yury Avi.


The music directed from Heart to Heart. Music of Freedom. Music of the Soul. Music of the World.


The project combines together various influences of world music: indie rock, roots music, folk, funk, soul, reggae, hip hop and oriental music blended together in an inspiring and uplifting way.

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Each time Yury returns we experience a different evening.  This time, we shared his presentation in my own home.  It was a lovely round of diverse and friendly guests and the evening was fulfilling, relaxing and charming all at the same time.  

Cookie Bake & Glühwein


The festive holiday season is amongst us and a cozy evening to bake Guetzlis and enjoy some Glühwein was just the right way to spend ​a Thursday evening.

An intense game of Warhammer took place in the front room, which in no way interrupted the magical Christmas buzz in the kitchen. 


Thank you Iñigo for the all the effort you put into making the cookie dough and ensuring there was enough Glühwein to keep us merry and in the flow. 


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Movember is dedicated to transforming the way research into men’s health is done, and the way health services reach and support men. In an effort to sponsor this great organisation - a group of health conscious men organised a gathering to celebrate good health and playful spirits - a raffle was organised to generate some financial sponsorship for the charity organisation.  To the men reading this, we encourage you to find a friend to talk through your concerns with, but most importantly - check your balls. Or find someone to check them for you.  


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Would you like to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - Check out the FAQs and then just Reach Out to get the ball rolling. 

PRIVATE EVENT - A Video Shooting


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Gemeinsam singen, improvisieren, in Klänge und Lieder eintauchen und sich von der Kraft des gemeinsamen Singens nähren lassen.



Thirstday - a random open evening designed to allow for some spontaneous fun at The Phrontistery.

Drinks, good conversation, and even a a little jam in the living is good in Phronti Hood. 

Join us (various versions of us) next time! 

Atefeh's Persian Feast


A feast for the eyes, the mouth and all the senses - Atefeh's Persian Feast!  

Thank you to all the guests who came along to experience the art of Persian Cuisine with us.  It was such a delightful evening!! My mouth waters remembering it!

Great food, great setting, great company! Thank you for being there. 


Special thanks to our resident food artist Atefeh who absolutely rocked it.  EVERYONE left happy!  

Zodiac Sign


Tim und Struppi waren ein Traumduo, bis zu dem Tag als Struppi seine Hip-Hop Karriere mit Snoop Dogg startete. Geknickt wanderte Tim alleine durch die Wälder... dann traf er Vera.

Tim und Vera sind Zodiac Sign. Mit zwei Gitarren und zwei Stimmen lassen sie ihr Publikum träumen. Ihre Musik erzählt von ihrem täglichen Leben und ist von ihrem Gedankengut geprägt.

More Info


What a gorgeous evening, this is an evening that I have wished to live since the project started over 3 years ago.


I was able to come as a guest and witness The Phrontistery booming with life.  Iñigo and Tim co-hosted the event until the point Tim became the visiting musician alongside his female accomplice, Vera


Zodiac Sign provided a heartwarming and charming concert, they filled the room with their own excitement and presence and blew us away with the presentations of their own handwritten, hand crafted songs.  The guests were many and they were all excited, kind hearted and fulfilled beings - embracing the wonder of this beautiful evening at The Phrontistery. 


Thank you all who participated in the creation of this charming evening. 

Nicolas "Scrios" Perrault



Nicolas "Scrios" Perrault ist ein Deutsch-Amerikanischer Singer-Songwriter, Multiinstrumentalist, live Audio Engineer und angehender Produzent aus Zweibrücken.


Nicolas Perrault aka "the King Of Weird" blends psychedelic sounds with catchy singer songwriter tunes.

More Info


It is the third time Nicolas has visited The Phrontistery.  Each time he delivers a set that brings so many deeper elements into The Phrontistery equation. His deep rolling voice and meditative tunes send one to another space and dimension.  Thank you for returning and sharing this element of your soul.



In 2018, the world of KOALOA started to grow when the Swiss independent label Sophie Records signed the Duo. Record Producer Luk Zimmermann (well known for his work with such acts as Lunik, Mich Gerber, Tobias Carshey, etc.) heard great potential and decided to join the magical team. “I’ve worked with many great artists in the last 25 years. But I’ve never heard French-spherical-electro songs."

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What a delight it was to invite Melanie and Keo back to the space.  This time they arrived with an array of equipment and agin with the same wonderful energy that they contain with them and spread all about them.  Their love, unity and musical expressions are inspiring and heartwarming, it is not only a pleasure but also an extreme honour to be in a position to host them and their cosmic show.


May the force of magic always remain within you KOALOA - you wonderful beings.           



Yujoy is a music project of a Russian born songwriter and composer Yury Avi.


The music directed from Heart to Heart. Music of Freedom. Music of the Soul. Music of the World.


The project combines together various influences of world music: indie rock, roots music, folk, funk, soul, reggae, hip hop and oriental music blended together in an inspiring and uplifting way.

More Info

Each time Yury returns we experience a different evening.  This time, the rain poured down as it had not done in some time, the guests that showed up were only a few.  Did this dampen the evening at all?  Not at all!  Not a bit! 


Yury shared his experiences in an authentic fashion, grounded and in tune with his roots but also in tune to the greater forces of power within him, within us all.  The conversations and songs mirrored the thoughts and feelings of all of us who made it. 


We all connected through thoughts, feelings and of course through song.  As the room glittered with the candles and the photos of Yury's travels around the world, we danced as did the beautiful projections on the wall; we smiled, we laughed and we were whole.     



Gemeinsam singen, improvisieren, in Klänge und Lieder eintauchen und sich von der Kraft des gemeinsamen Singens nähren lassen.



Jürg Maag, der Bassist der Band „Untrue“ spielt Piano und das auch noch ganz alleine – ja gibt es den sowas? Ja, gibt es - noch nicht oft, aber immer öfter. Und weil das schon so besonders ist, wird auch jedes Konzert einzigartig.


Jürg Maag solo – etwas leiser aber gut hörbar.

More Info


Despite the rain keeping many guests away, Jürg delivered a wonderful set, we were engaged in his songs and sound for the duration of the show.  I am grateful for the evening that we shared.  Thank you Jürg.  

Open Mic & Jam


Iñigo & Tim arranged a fully acoustic Open Mic / Jam-Night at The Phrontistery!

All musicians and music enthusiasts were invited to come along, the musicians brought their own instruments and shared their many talents, the enthusiasts (myself included) came along to soak it all in!

No amps or mics, completely raw and unplugged.  Delicious!

Thank you Tim, Iñigo & the Warhammer dudes who were in the kitchen the whole time.


Thank you for filling up the space with people connecting via shared interests, passions, songs, games and MORE.  We were united in our desire to be free, to see and to be truly seen.   

PRIVAT - Felder Vogel - 20 Jahre MIKE


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The Division Men


This Texas bred, Husband / Wife, Acoustic Duo originally formed in Berlin, Germany in 2008 are now based in Austin, TX. The band is made up of founder J. Spencer Portillo (vocals / acoustic guitar) and Caroline Rippy Portillo (vocals / bass guitar).

Caroline was born in San Antonio, Texas. From 2007 until 2012, she played bass guitar for Tito & Tarantula.


J. Spencer Portillo was born in Los Angeles, California but was raised in El Paso, Texas. His El Paso roots offer a huge influence on the lyrics which frequently present atmospheric portraits of love, life and death in a border town.

The Division Men's name was derived from the idea of artists collaborating from all over the world despite their locations. 



Caroline and Jesus delivered such a heartfelt and beautiful presentation of song, sound and visual art.  The experience was enriching from start to finish and it is an honour to have been hostess to such remarkable artists and humans. 


Thank you to the enthusiastic guests that came along to experience this wonderful concert with us! It's always more fun with more of you there to fill the room, so come again and bring some friends too! 

The Diamond Family Archive


The Diamond Family Archive stole my heart via virtual reality - more so in real life. This is a unique English lo-fi, psych-folk, multi-instrumentalist roving ensemble led by the song writing of Laurence Collyer.

Live, The Diamond Family Archive craft a mesmeric live-show from drums, acoustic guitars, lots of FX pedals, keyboards set to drone, tape delay, loops and bellows, bows, harmonicas, cosmic harps, toys and broken cymbals. All coming together to create music which holds echoes of post-rock, traditional folk, spiritual soul music, psychedelic rock and lo-fi.

Foot-stomping, finger-picking, hollering vs pin-drop hush - fragile, lazy grace.



This evening was particularly special because of the wonderful people that were a part of the memory.  Each guest and artist was genuine and present and that felt so soothing to be a part of.  I am honoured to have been able to host SUCH talented artists - Both Peter and Laurence allow themselves to escape in the sounds they present and with them we escape too. There are so many dimensions in the worlds they carried us to, mind expanded, heart open wide and an immense feeling of gratitude.  Thank you.



Her stories are poetic songs, driven by her banjo- and guitar play. Magical moments full of sensibility and still powerful and expressional presented. 

As a solo artist she travels around the world and fully devoted, writes her own episodes with passion. ADAYA tells us about the other side of mankind, the hidden treasures of every living being, of bright and dark periods in life...




ADAYA is a magical being and it was a blessing to have her share her grace with us within the confines of The Phrontistery space.  her voice is enchanting - she transported us to parallel dimension with the power of her finger plucking, soul soothing hand crafted stories in song.    



Lydia Schulz alias SLOW erzählt uns Geschichten vom Leben, umgarnt uns mit samtweicher, federleichter Stimme und untermalt das Ganze gefühlvoll auf ihrem Banjo.


„Die stille Beobachtung des Lebens“ und „das Wiedererkennen von Mustern“ sind die Basis ihrer Kompositionen. „Im Entschleunigen, im lauschenden achtsam sein, können Erlebnisse reflektiert und umgewandelt werden“, erzählt SLOW.


So entwickelt sie minimalistische Walzer, schwermütige Balladen, luftige Atmosphären und grazilen Soul zu vollkommenen und authentischen Originals über die Liebe, Familie oder den Umgang mit Verlusten. Feinsinnig zeichnet sie mit erdigen, entschleunigten Klanglandschaften eine sanft schimmernde Kulisse und rückt dabei die Schönheit der Natur und ihre Lehren in den Fokus.

More Info

What a lovely evening at The Phrontistery, Lydia is a very expressive, talented and colourful being, she stole my heart from the word go.

The guests (and I) were very warm and in need of the show which did indeed start off very slow.... we had the opportunity to arrive once again but this time together, rather than alone, all thanks to Lydia's way of bringing us "home".

Nora Keyes & Bee Appleseed


~ Nora Keyes (psychedelic experimental vocal) ~

Nora Keyes is an experimental vocalist, songwriter, painter, and long-standing contributor to the Los Angeles underground music scene. She has developed a unique hypnotic vocal style that is soulful, ethereal, and unfixed in this dimension. Through her solo work and bands Rococo Jet, The Centimeters, and Fancy Space People (collaborating with Don Bolles of The Germs, 45 Grave, Ariel Pink, etc), she has earned a local cult status. Her debut album, Mysterium Tremens (out ‪September 21st) is a sonic journery into the borderlands of perceived reality. Hitting on themes where, synchronicities, de ja vu, mutual dreams, a sense of connection with lost loved ones & visions intertwine. Her projects have shared stages with The Smashing Pumpkins, Love & Rockets, Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten), Ariel Pink, Suicide, David J (Bauhaus), Julia Holter, Quintron, Carla Bozlvitch, Geneva Jacuzzi, & The Sweet.


~ Bee Appleseed (psych folk pop) ~
Bee Appleseed is a 21st Century freedom seeker from Portland, Oregon, living in Los Angeles. He's a singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, poet, actor, and seasoned vagabond with a treasure trove of home recordings predating his July 2018 debut LP, Backpacker Blues, which he wrote during a three year period of traveling and performing concerts across nearly fifty countries in Europe and South America. In August 2019, he released his debut book of poetry, "Arriving" and will be releasing his next album, "Starflower's Cosmic Soul" in the Autumn on Baby Robot Records. The music he makes can be described as cosmic rock and roll with roots in American folk music and his concerts are like psychedelic experiences, taking audiences to great heights and depths, usually improvised making no concert ever the same, though rarely do the shows not end with everybody singing along, clapping, and dancing! Bee is a lighthearted entertainer with a golden love for the road and all those open to sharing the journey.


~ Nora Keyes & Bee Appleseed ~
Together, Nora and Bee have started a record label to put out theirs and other releases called Godyssey Music and are embarking on another European tour performing separate sets and an improvised performance together called Elf Freedom, all of which will be recorded for a live compilation on the label. Audiences are likely to feel elevated, connected, and transformed during this unique cultural experience as the pair bridge the gap between California and the world through layers of cosmic sound.

More Info

We experienced in this beautiful evening poetry readings (from Bee's first printed poetry book beautifully illustrated by Nora), some of Bee's solo music and the waves of their collaborative set - transcendental - inspiring - charmed. A big thanks to Bee and Nora, and to everyone who enjoyed this concert with us.



Gemeinsam singen, improvisieren, in Klänge und Lieder eintauchen und sich von der Kraft des gemeinsamen Singens nähren lassen.

Rowan Coupland (Harpist, UK/Berlin)



Rowan Coupland ist Sänger, Harfenist und Gitarrist. Der aus England stammende Wahl-Berliner singt moderne, schwebende Folksongs – gefiltert durch Lärm, Avantgarde-Lyrik und Geräusche von Schneefall im Stadtsmog. 


Rowan Coupland is a singer, harpist and guitarist. English-born, but Berlin-based, he sings soaring modern folksongs filtered through noise, avant-garde poetry, and the sounds of snow falling through urban smog.

More Info

Mute Swimmer


Mute Swimmer the musical project of British artist Guy Dale (one of my all time favourite artists, Neda).


Through numerous releases and a changing cast of collaborators Dale has been shooting his fascination with the traditional lyrical song through art performance, post rock, ambient drone, folk and spoken word.

He has described the project as an act of sabotage - frequently upending expectations of the ‘singer-songwriter’ by playing with the form in different musical contexts and taking the process of writing and moment of performance itself as a narrative subject. As such his songs often operate uniquely in the real time of performance - addressing those present directly in the present. Romantic, ironic and hauntingly melancholic by rapid turns he has earned a reputation for his compelling, idiosyncratic live performances and recordings.

Old Love an emotive, folksy collaboration with Copenhagen based musician Own Road was released on Dendron Records in 2018. Air Itself - a meditative suite of songscapes channeled Dale’s poetic, ambivalent lyricism through ambient folk, field recording and lo-fi drone. Present Perfect (2015) and Second (2014) - recorded as a four piece ‘art rock’ band - received airplay on BBC 6 Music (UK), Byte FM (Germany) and Radio Tres (Spain). Seven inch single Song Against Itself (2011) was record of the week at Rough Trade and Piccadilly Records. Other releases include Old Tricks(2013)Orientation(2011) and Mute Swimmer(2010).

Mute Swimmer has released music on Truco Espárrago, Dendron, Woodland and Bleeding Heart Recordings.

More Info

Thank you so much Guy for a beautiful, intense and inspiring concert, it was a real pleasure to watch you perform. And a big thanks to everyone who joined us and shared with us this magical evening.

Sebastian Bill



More Info

Thank you so much Sebastian for singing your songs, in your mother tongue, for us in the small confines of The Phrontistery.  The entire evening was super relaxed from start to finish and it was a pleasure to host you and the lovely guests that came through the door. 

PRIVATE EVENT - Baby Zeno's 1st Birthday Party


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PRIVATE EVENT - An Artistic Workshop


Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - Check out the FAQs and then just Reach Out to get the ball rolling. 

Conor Kilkelly


Part of Berlin’s thriving “Dark Folk” scene, the Irishman uses poetic phrasing, devilish wit, and melodic fingerpicking to deliver an unforgettable performance. 


The songs are a mangled mix of genres such as blues, folk and spoken word – with a splash of the macabre for good measure.​

More Info

Thank you so much Conor for the music, the laughs, the inspirational chats.  And thank you to the people who came along to enjoy the show that had somewhat of a darker glow.



Kraftvolle kolumbianische Musik * with fire and rhythm - Bass Trommel | Handtrommel | Rasseln | Klarinette und Gesang | Cumbia, Mapale, Bullerenge, Bunde, Porro, Abozao

We held the concert outdoors, and Leonardo called upon all in the vicinity to join our celebration of life!  An amazing and unmissable experience. 



Gemeinsam singen, improvisieren, in Klänge und Lieder eintauchen und sich von der Kraft des gemeinsamen Singens nähren lassen.

Richard Wagner Sommer Café_Cégiu Restless Roots


«Restless Roots» ist das zweite Studioalbum der in Luzern lebenden Zuger Musikerin Cégiu, deren Wurzeln sowohl in Italien als auch in der Westschweiz liegen.


Die sieben Stücke darauf widmet Cégiu «den Menschen, die mit meiner Herkunft und meiner rastlosen Seite etwas zu tun haben», wie es die Musikerin selber formuliert.


Die elektronischen Beats dazu sind auf Reisen entstanden, und so wird «Restless Roots» zu einem fein gesponnenen Werk von gesammelten Erinnerungen, Erlebtem, inneren Bildern und Gedanken. Und bildet dadurch eine lückenlose Weiterführung des Debüts «Skinny Souls».

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Beautiful - Inspired - Inspiring. Thank you to those who came to share the magic.

Richard Wagner Sommer Café_Flemming Borby


Flemming Borby wuchs in einem kleinen Dorf namens Birkende auf der Insel Fyn (Fünen) in Dänemark auf. Seine erste musikalische Erfahrung war die Musik, die im Radio lief. Popmusik stand damals am Anfang einer rasanten Entwicklung – im Radio lief vor allem Musik aus Großbritannien und den USA sowie die entsprechenden dänischen Kopien.


Noch immer liebt er die Musik, die Wert auf Melodien und Harmonien legt, und nennt Scott Walker und Burt Bacharach zu seinen all time favourites. Der Däne gilt als großes Talent des Indie Pop Folk aber ein Newcomer ist er nicht.


Er veröffentlichte mit seiner dänischen Band GREENE drei von der Kritik hochgelobte Alben und trat mehrmals auf dem dänischen Roskilde Festival auf.


Seit 2007 lebt Flemming Borby in Deutschland und schon lange in Berlin. Er hat mit vielen verschiedenen Berliner Künstlern wie Toby Dammit (Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Rufus Wainwright) , Earl Harvin (Tindersticks) Martin Wenk (Calexico), Greta Brinkman (MOBY; Debbie Harry) Tom Krimi (PRAG, Raz O’Hara, Stereo Deluxe) Elke Brauweiler (PAULA) und Nikko Weidemann, zusammen gearbeitet. Außerdem ist er in der internationalen Songwriting Organisation The House of Songs in Austin, Texas involviert und hat die EP „The Ghostbrother Project – Back Into Your Heart“ - eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Songwriter Nicholas Ginbey im April 2014 veröffentlicht.

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Richard Wagner Sommer Café_Silhouette Tales



Die Luzerner Band Silhouette Tales ist spätestens seit ihrem Erfolg als SRF 3 Best Talent im November 2013 kein Geheimtipp mehr. Die letzte EP «Circle» (2015) lief in der SRF Serie «Seitentriebe» als Soundtrack. Jetzt liefert die Band neue, filigrane Songs, die aufhorchen lassen wie Signale aus fernen Welten. Das vierte Album «Moonshots» ist ein Griff nach den Sternen.

Produziert wurde das Werk von Greg Obrist und ein weiteres Mal hat Luk Zimmermann Ideen beigesteuert. Der Name «Moonshots» ist Programm: «Last November» nimmt einen mit auf einen Flug über karge Mondlandschaften, der Coversong «Those Were The Days» wirft einen sehnsüchtigen Blick zurück auf die Welt, wie sie früher war. Bei «Fly And Dive» sitzt man festgezurrt in der startenden Raumfähre, «Moonshots» katapultiert einen unsanft aus der

Umlaufbahn, bis mit «Tidal Wave» ein sphärischer Flug durch die Schwerelosigkeit beginnt. Die schemenhaften Texte über persönliche Geschichten und Erinnerungen unterstreichen den dunklen Sound der Band. Es ist die Stimme von Irene Althaus, welche melancholisch, stark und

gleichzeitig brüchig den Sound der Band prägt und einen fortträgt – bis zum Mond.


Certainly by the time they were recognised as SRF 3 Best Talent in November 2013, the band Silhouette Tales from Lucerne had emerged from obscurity. Their latest EP, "Circle" (2015) was featured as the soundtrack to the SRF series "Seitentriebe". Now, the band has just released some new, filigree songs which sound like signals sent from distant worlds. With their fourth album "Moonshots", they reach for the stars.

The work was produced by Greg Obrist, and Luk Zimmermann has once more contributed his ideas. The name "Moonshots" says it all: "Last November" takes you on a flight over barren lunar landscapes, the cover song "Those Were The Days" gazes wistfully back at the world as it once was. In "Fly And Dive", you are strapped into the space shuttle for countdown, "Moonshots" catapults you roughly out of orbit, until a spherical flight through weightlessness begins with "Tidal Wave". The personal stories and memories which the text sketches in outline underline the dark sound of the band. It is the voice of Irene Althaus, melancholic, strong and yet fragile, which shapes the sound of the band and carries you away – all the way to the moon.

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Aviva Le Fey


Aviva sings heart songs – some for love lost, and others for humanity forgotten – with a tone and cadence that somehow conjures both the vintage pop of the Fifties and the dark, dreamy sounds you might hear coming from that haunted backwoods bar in 1990s Twin Peaks, Washington.


She offers a frequency of hopefulness, a frequency to cry to, a frequency that begs you to dig a bit deeper. Her songs are honest and endearing, bold and restless, easy to listen to and sometimes hard to hear.


Aviva’s music invites you to look into the dark cracks of everything – it can be intimidating, but we all know that’s how the light gets in.

Aviva is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from the Bay Area, and has traveled far and wide to share her songs and play music with friends. Over the last few years, Aviva has supported John Craigie, Josiah Johnson (The Head & The Heart), Rainbow Girls, Kit Center & The Hollow Bones, and Chelsea Coleman, and shared the stage with Langhorne Slim, Tallest Man on Earth, Skyway Man, and Twain.

More Info

Thank you so much Aviva for sharing with us your lovely melodies, intense lyrics and beautiful and powerfull voice. It was a huge pleasure to welcome you and see you perform. And thank you to everyone who joined in enjoying this evening with us!

Richard Wagner Sommer Café - Explore Error


"Groove und Sounds, Rock und Noise, Melodien und Texturen: Explore Error bringen sie auf eine gemeinsame Spur. Das klingt so zugänglich wie experimentierfreudig. Mal rau, mal atmosphärisch, aber immer mit dem Anspruch, sich jedes Mal ein wenig neu zu erfinden. Die Musik kickt in den Körper und bringt die emotionalen Synapsen zum Flirren. Jeder Auftritt ist anders. Sporadisch werden Gäste eingeladen, die den Sound erweitern und ihre Impulse einbringen.

Das Projekt wurde im Frühjahr 2014 vom Gitarristen und Songwriter Raffaele Franco gegründet. Zum harten Kern von Explore Error gehört der versierte Sound-Engineer und Elektronik-Spezialist Tom Kuhn. Raffaele und Tom kreieren Soundteppiche, Klangebenen, orchestrale Collagen. Man nehme die Essenz von gutem ProgRock, filtere sie durch das alte Pink Floyd Universum, lasse sich von der Improvisation leiten und füge die Sounds und Beats der zeitgenössischen Elektronik dazu. Das Resultat ist ein psychedelischer Sound, der im Rock wurzelt und in die elektronische Zukunft reicht."


Pirmin Bossart, Musikkritiker, Journalist


Thank you so much Raffi and Tom for this beautiful trip you took us on!

Goddess Energy


Pandoras Diary 

Pandoras Diary ist eine Singer-Songwriterin aus London - bringt acoustik verspielte sounds mit viel Publikumspartizipation - von Balladen, Meditation, über ein paar freche covers bis zu Weltfolk mit einen touch Ska. 

Mehr Infos

Magdalena Grabher

Magdalena Grabher ist multi-instrumentalist und Looperin aus Vorarlberg, ein "one-woman band" kombiniert jazz, soul und pop - zum tanzen und traumen. 

Mehr Info

We were unfortunately not able to attend this wonderful event ourselves; the lovely Krystal Espeland from "Hey, that's nice" hosted on our behalf and a wonderful evening was had by those who were there to share the evening! 


A big THANK YOU to the Goddesses that kept The Phrontistery spirit alive in our absence.  

PRIVATE EVENT - Sssssssssssshhhhh!!!


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Board Game Night / Brettspiel Abend


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Shanna in a Dress


Shanna in a Dress is your quirky best friend who hates wearing pants. Always clever, uncensored, authentic, and upbeat, Shanna is an internationally touring artist out of Boulder, Colorado who can make audiences laugh and cry within the same song. Her first full length debut album is currently in production. Keep up with her here


My goodness how we laughed! Shanna Hoar is a marvellous performer; a lyrical genius with a superb voice and a priceless perspective of the more awkward life realities on the face of this planet. Thank you for coming and sharing your music with the space Shanna.  Our bellies, hearts and minds are full. I am already more than excited for your next European tour. 

Felix Rovitto


Italian born singer song-writer Felix Rovitto, heavily influenced by rock/grunge - Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains; came once again to present songs from his solo acoustic EP “Words Are Safe”. 

Si chiama "Words Are Safe", le parole sono sicure/sono al sicuro, ma in realtà vuole essere un contrasto tra quello che le persone si promettono, si dicono, e quello che invece conta, a mio avviso, molto di più: i fatti, cioé le azioni delle persone. 

Le parole in realtà non sono sicure; per il resto, il cd attraversa esperienze personali, sia relative all'amore che all'amicizia, e chiunque credo possa immedesimarsi nel senso che il disco vuole offrire.

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It was a pleasure to experience Felix's show.  The music, the guests and the atmosphere were all just right and we all shared a delightful evening.  Thank you to Felix and his accomplice Francesco for joining us from Italy!



Cyrill Ferrari // guit
Selina Brenner // voc

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What a magical evening, beautiful combination of sounds, techniques and "toys", and an amazing mastery of the voice, that just transported somewhere else out of this world. Thank you so much Cyrill and Selina!

PRIVATE EVENT - Alex's Birthday Bash


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Sara Ryan


Following the release of her debut single 'Belle', which won "Best New Comer" and "Best New Single" on Dublin CityFM, Sara was crowned 'New Folk Artist of the Year' at the prestigious Irish Folk Music Awards, alongside Damien Dempsey, Johnny McEvoy, The Druids and Aoife Scott. 


The Kildare-born singer-songwriter, now based in Cork City, built a strong and loyal following whilst touring with Mick Flannery, Jack L, John Spillane, Wally Page, Luka Bloom and Cry Monster Cry. 

She is on tour with her Debut EP, which contains her third single “Euphoric Recall”, which has been getting a huge amount of airplay all over Ireland; Roddie Cleere KCLR, Dj Ray WLR, KFM, Beat 102 103, Dublin City FM Sin E Radio Show, Fiachna O’Braonain RTE Radio One, Ruth Smith, John Creedon... 

“I’ve known Sara since childhood. Its been a joy to witness her young career, to hear her songwriting develop and her singing mature. This young lady has a huge career ahead of her.” - Christy Moore. Jan 2018.


“‘Glitter Skies’ is a superb introductory release, filled with charm and personality.” - Golden Plec.


‘Sara Ryan is a beautiful person, inside and out. And this is reflected in her songs and singing’. Luka Bloom.


“If Kate Bush would decide to reinvent herself as the toughed up torch singer, fronting a kick ass band... she might have sounded like this.“ - Hans Workman. (Here Comes the Flood, Music Blog)


“Over the past few years, she has been making major inroads in the Irish Music Scene”. - Hot Press. (Mike McGrath- Bryan)

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Philipp Leon