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Past Events 


Card Reading at The Phrontistery


An evening of sharing gifts and/or finding answers and insights to our everyday life challenges through the art of divination.


The eye opening evening was organised by Laura Sargeant - Golden Way Reiki Practitioner.


Thank you Laura for inviting the spirit of magic into the space.  And thank you to the ladies who showed up with open hearts and minds.  See you again next time.  May your hearts be filled with light.  

oldseed - Live in Luzern


What a moving and transcending experience we shared. 


Thank you oldseed for your words of wisdom, heartfelt melodies and genuine and welcoming presence.  It was truly a pleasure to experience your show.


Thank you to all of you who felt comfortable to walk through the door.



Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

PRIVATE EVENT - Brigitte's Birthday


Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

Nicholas Jude Timothy - Back In Luzern


Nicholas Timothy is a musician from the west of Ireland. His original music includes elements of blues, folk and soul music. 


The room was filled to the brim; some sat and observed with a grin - others danced, and laughed; some drank wine - all together we felt more than fine.

The Great Park - Back in Luzern


Stephen Burch is an English songwriter currently based in Germany.

What a blessing to have experienced his sound once more in the comfort of The Phrontistery.


A wonderful experience, from beginning to end.

Flemming Borby - Live in Luzern


A distinctively unique voice filled the space as we the audience sat back, drank wine and relaxed until the second set came...then we were up dancing and enjoying the room - moving our bodies, enjoying the groove.

Thank you Flemming and thank you to all the guests who came to enjoy the space, the music and life's grace.

Pablo und Destruktion - Live in Luzern


Explosive, Dynamic - Engaging and Wild! Pablo truly blew us away with his powerful and invigorating show.  We were all united through the experience; (It really was very much out of the ordinary).  Thank you Pablo, for the music, the stories - the laughter and more; And thank you dear guests for coming through the door!!!!     

Film & Food - Nomadic Life in India


The Nomadic tribes of India are a dwindling part of the indigenous people. The National Alliance group of India, who work directly with members of the Nomadic population, presented two short films focused on the topic; Beherupiya (The impersonator) and The Widow's Home.  

A discussion led by Sharib Ali, a member of the National Alliance Group, followed; guests and hosts participated in a open and free flowing dialogue.  We were all invited to consider and discuss the conundrums that exist.

The evening finished with home-made Indian food and more free conversation.

It was an enlightening and eye opening event - thank you to Sharib and Bianca for organizing and thank you to all who could make it for this special event.   

Karl Scott - Live in Luzern


Timeless, enchanting, heart-melting and pure.  Karl Scott warmed up hearts and minds with his genuine presence.  A pleasure in every way.  

Simon Kempston - Live in Luzern


Warm, engaging, comfortable and charmed - Another lovely evening shared with warmhearted people in the comfort of The Lounge.  Thank you Simon, for the experience, and thank you to the faces, old and new, that came along to share the warmth.   

Mute Swimmer - Live in Luzern


A captivating performance to say the least..Guy Dale mesmerized us all with his non conventional presentation of thoughts, feelings...self.  Very grateful for the experience. Thank you to those who managed to make it!     

Inni-K - Live in Luzern


Poetical lyrics that touched the soul with a violin, ukulele, backing track - at times with nothing all.  We were invited to participate by singing and/or clapping along.  We were taken on new journeys with every song.  Thank you Inni-K for the heart you put into all that you do. The experience felt magical, authentic and true.  Thank you to all of you who were there! It truly was a beautiful experience to share.

Qué Tal?


A warm, delicious and many layered evening with great company and lots of soul.  Thank you Laura for organising this love filled event.  Looking forward to more. 

Emaline Delapaix Duo - Live In Luzern


It's very difficult to put into words how profoundly special the whole evening was - we were all blown away by the all powerful, soul soothing and nourishing sounds that were shared with us. Thank you for the beautiful show Emaline and Lukas and thank you to all who were there.  

PRIVATE EVENT - Olivia's Birthday


Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

Poori's Persian Lunch


Delicious, plentiful, soul soothing....divine.  Poori (my mamma) prepared a feast for the senses!  Guests enjoyed "Zereshk Polo with/without (organic, locally sourced) chicken accompanied by a range of appetising sides.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for another round!

PRIVATE EVENT - Maxi's Birthday


Thank you Maxi for memories of another warm and love filled evening at The Phrontistery!  


Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

Hidden Dragon


Wow!! What a heartwarming and delightful evening.  Thank you Stefan and Markus for your creative energies and to ALL who attended...I for sure had my dose of soul food, hope you did too!

PRIVATE EVENT Patrick's Farewell Apero


Thank you Patrick Wyss for choosing The Phrontistery as the location for your farewell Apero.  It is a pleasure to have been a part of this precious memory. 

Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

Sunday Sessions - An Experiment


An open platform for all to enjoy - you can come as a guest and observe, or as a musician (with your instrument) to perform. 

Special guest - Sky Lambourne, Canada. 

PRIVATE EVENT - Out With a BANG - Abschlussparty


Danke Johnny, Sara und alle die gäste - war sehr (sehr) schön mit euch.

Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

Literaturtreffen - Giuliano Musio


Humorvoll abgründig erzählt Giuliano Musio von der fatalen Macht der Erinnerung. Er beschreibt den Verfall einer Familie in Gestalt einer literarischen Vorabendserie und verbindet gekonnt Hochliteratur mit Unterhaltungskultur; dabei führt er ganz nebenbei vor Augen, wie unsicher Erinnerung und Wahrheit sind und wie die Suche nach beidem eine Familie zerstören kann.


Giuliano Musio hat Germanistik und Anglistik studiert und wurde für seine Texte mehrfach ausgezeichnet. Weil er das Surren von Kaffeemaschinen und grammatische Phänomene wie das Zustandspassiv mag, arbeitete er als Kellner und ist heute als Korrektor bei der NZZ tätig. Sein Debütroman »Scheinwerfen« erschien 2015 im °luftschacht-Verlag.

Photo - © Affolter/Savolainen

Spanish Sunday - Hosted by Galliker Fairtrade


Galliker Fairtrade hired out The Phrontistery to celebrate the launch of their firm - fine wines were freely flowing and chorizo was being served right, left and center - reach out to Galliker Fairtrade directly for more information on their full range of products.        

Ein Koffer für Vier


Text und Musik quer durch Europa mit Francesco Micieli (Text), Alexandra Bissig (Violine), Evamaria Felder (Flöte, Örgeli) und Franziska Braun (Piano)

Sehr schön war es, einen Abenteur...danke ALLE die da waren.    

The Great Park - Live in Luzern


So many magic moments - what an act!  We received messages of love, sorrow, pain and wonder; and then we laughed...and laughed some more.  Our hearts open and warm.  Thank you to all of you who were a part of this gorgeous evening.  And thank you Stephen for your Great Park.        

Denk-/Diskussions-Abend zum Thema Décroissance (oder "Less is More")


A small group collected to discuss, what appears to be, the never ending "growth" of our societies and what that entails for our Planet - our resources are not endless. the question is - what can we do to make people WAKE UP. 

Do you have any ideas?  Please feel free to share - together we may be able to get the ball rolling.  

Meetup - Eat Around The World - Ethiopa


Meet Abeba, she came to The Phrontistery for the first time thanks to an event organised by Monika and Viola.  All who were here at The Phrontistery on 22.05.16 enjoyed some of Abeba's delicious dishes and the opportunity to witness a traditional coffee service. YumYumYum (Abeba can be available for your own private events.  Please reach out for more info.)        

Literaturtreffen - Obretenov & Zurbuchen


Mit Alexander Obretenov und Christof Zurbuchen können wir Neuland betreten.

Das ist ein grosser Vorteil. Das Duo spinnt mit Worten und Klängen innere Gärten, in denen wir uns niederlassen dürfen. Hier werden Sprachwendungen umgepflügt, Worte aufgeforstet und Geschichten verdreht.

Dogan Firuzbay, Juli 2009


Filmabend - Das Geheimnis der Bäume


Das Geheimnis der Bäume, ein Film von Luc Jacquet, handelt vom faszinierendem Lebensraum des tropischen Regenwaldes und nimmt den Betrachter mit auf eine wundervolle Reise durch die Magie des Lebens. Luc Jacquet ist gelernter Botaniker, verbrachte einen Grossteil seines Lebens in den Wäldern dieser Erde und Oskar gekrönter Dokumentarfilm-Regisseur.

PRIVATE EVENT Enea's Birthday


Thank you Enea! Your celebration was in every way warm, love filled and glittering with marvelous personalities.  Thank you for sharing this energy with The Phrontistery!


Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

Eat Around The World


A private event organised through Meetup - please register directly via the meetup platform to participate

Nicholas Jude Timothy - Live In Luzern


Nicholas Timothy is a musician from the west of Ireland. His original music includes elements of blues, folk and soul music.


Free Entry - (but bring some money with you - there'll be a collection at the end and drinks for you to contribute towards all night)

PRIVATE EVENT Tanja's Birthday


Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.



Die Brüder Samuel und Silvan spielen auf ihren zwei Gitarren Eigenkompositionen, die sich ins Ohr graben.

Ihre Stücke erinnern an Al Di Meola, Kolbe-Illenberger und präsentieren sich in einem Pop-Gewand. Dennoch versuchen sie mit ihrem jugendlichen Charme und Talent die starren Grenzen klassischer Musik und Jazz aufzulösen.


text source:

Literaturtreffen: Christina Frosio


Die Autorin Christina Frosio liest aus "Noch ist nicht Herbst" und ausgewählten Kurzgeschichten


Im Gespräch mit Aron Hürlimann

Christina Frosio, *1963, lebt als Floristin und Buchhändlerin mit Mann und zwei Kindern in Bern. Seit 2006 schreibt und publiziert sie Kurzgeschichten, 2011 gewann sie den OpenNet Wettbewerb der Literaturtage Solothurn. Im Frühling 2014 erschien ihr Debüt «Noch ist nicht Herbst» (Offizin Verlag).


(Eintritt 5.- mit einer Kollekte für die Künstlerin)

PRIVATE EVENT Evamaria's Birthday


Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

Literaturtreffen: Duo Käser & Lerch


A fantastic start to the Literature events at The Phrontistery - A reading, a cello, steamy windows and a room filled with inspired minds.. Thank you to Literature Duo Käser and Lerch and to Robyn Muffler for organising 

PRIVATE EVENT Iwan's Birthday


Want to hire out The Phrontistery for your own private event? - just Reach Out for more info.

The Opening Party


The Phrontistery opened it's doors and welcomed all to enjoy a drink or two in honour of dreams that do come true. The Powder Muff Project ( made the event "An Event" by gracing us with their energised spirits!! Thank you - and to all who were there, physically and/or in spirit. A toast to the Birth of The Phrontistery and ALL future events!!   

String Figure Workshop


For three consecutive weeks we met on a Wednesday evening and learned how to form different shapes and patterns on our own, with a simple piece of string. Thank you Benedikt Notter for organising!! 

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