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Spread The Word

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the space, very little exists in the form of printed marketing materials; even the business cards, as many of you now know, are made using recycled cardboard.  They are hand made in store, using a stamp produced in Luzern. 


I therefore rely heavily on word of mouth to spread the word.  


So, if you'd really like to be a friend to The Phrontistery, share your stories with  others; online - offline - face to face...Spread the word, then more and more people will have the opportunity to experience and participate in the diverse spectrum of realities that there are to experience at The Phrontistery...maybe they'll even create their own - as I hope you shall too.


Do you have a lot of love for The Phrontistery and a desire to help make it BETTER?  Then it would be great to hear from you!

There's always a need for creative input (and output)!

Financial Donations

Want to support the Phrontistery, but don't necessarily have the time to drop by personally or even the need to be a member?


Never fear our online link to the Piggy Bank is here.  We welcome any donations that will enable us to carry on with the project.  

Please find our bank details below.

Bank Details

Postfinance AG

CH81 0900 0000 8960 5490 9

Moasser Presents The Phrontist

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